The Kingdom of Christmas

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The Kingdom of Christmas by The Snow Spirit ($0.99): When their enchanting Christmas Kingdom is overthrown by an evil Guardian, and Santa and The Spirit of Christmas are taken captive inside an icy castle, it is up to Prince Michael and Princess Sarah to save the day. A Secret Scroll reveals their mysterious powers and some unforgettable Christmas characters light their way.

This deal started on November 24, 2016

Let’s Go Buggees!

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Let’s Go Buggees! by Nava Almog ($0.99): We will go meet the BuggeesBunnch and go with them to see new places, meet new friends and see how they live in faraway lands. Hidden in our books are secret links. Find them, click and enjoy! The first book in the BuggeesBunch series.

This deal started on November 12, 2016

The Haunting of Eagle Creek Middle School

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The Haunting of Eagle Creek Middle School by Tara Ellis ($2.99): Halloween is right around the corner, and the girls find themselves in the middle of a hauntingly good mystery. Sam, Ally, and Cassy help form a new club at their school in order to raise money for charities. Their first mission is to save a struggling program founded by a local widow, but the benefactor has some secrets. It turns out that Eagle Creek Middle school has some secrets too, including a tragic story passed down for fifty years. Does a tormented ghost really roam the basement of the school? While creating a haunted house to raise the needed donations, the young detectives uncover the shocking truth. One that will forever change the lives of people they have come to cherish.

This deal started on November 01, 2016

Tyrabbisaurus Rex

$4.99   $4.99

Tyrabbisaurus Rex by A.J. Culey ($4.99): Tyrabbisaurus Rex doesn't appreciate being locked in a cage. Sure it has three levels and is full of scrumptious veggies, but that doesn't mean he's willing to accept his fate as a classroom pet. Ginger's not happy about the always escaping, poopy rabbit. First, he chewed the dress her mom gave her. Now he keeps staring at her favorite hat. The demon bunny has got to go!

This deal started on October 26, 2016

Silly Elephant: Peace with Bees

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Silly Elephant: Peace with Bees by Nadh Poduri ($0.99): Peace with Bees is a story about a silly elephant who loves honey and thinks it’s ok to steal honey from the bees. The story teaches kids about compassion and dealing with adversities. The silly elephant’s journey to understand the boundaries and respect everyone would be a visual treat to read. After Barney snatches the honey from Ephan, Ephan goes and steals honey from the bees despite his friend Sid’s reservations. Little did he know about the consequences of stealing. “Peace with Bees” is a story that teaches children about compassion, respect the boundaries of others. The story is nicely laced with fun facts about bees that would help children appreciate the little things. With stunning graphics and lovable characters ‘Peace with Bees’ truly brings out the joy to the

This deal started on October 25, 2016

Adventures of Jack: Fun on the Go!

$2.99   $2.99

Adventures of Jack: Fun on the Go! by D. R. Tara ($2.99): Our favorite Dog Detective, Jack, is back, fresh from his investigations in the highly popular “Adventures of Jack: The Agent With a Bone to Pick.” In this sequel, Jack is off with his family on more amusing journeys. He meets Lucy, a special friend in Jamaica, follows a ‘treasure’ map in his home town, and finally learns the value of a well-placed surprise on his birthday!

This deal started on October 20, 2016

Sam’s Top Secret Journal

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Sam’s Top Secret Journal by Sean Adelman ($0.99): Sam is an eighth-grade girl living a regular life, enjoying her family, school and traveling. She doesn’t feel different, but sometimes others treat her differently because she has Down syndrome. Sam’s private journal chronicles what begins as a summer vacation…and turns into a brand new adventure, filled with friendship, mystery and a secret island.

This deal started on October 19, 2016

Del Ryder and the Rescue of Eleanor

$3.99   $1.99

Del Ryder and the Rescue of Eleanor by Matthew David Brough ($1.99): Darkness continues to grow. A legend of old is revealed. Del and Sam face their greatest challenge yet. They must return to the mystical world of Azdia to get Eleanor’s help and stop the mysterious Heir of Mordlum before he corrupts not only the entire realm, but also Del’s best friends. Don’t miss this exciting sequel to Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed.

This deal started on October 18, 2016

Allie Strom and the Ring of Solomon

$3.99   FREE

Allie Strom and the Ring of Solomon by Justin Sloan (FREE): Her Mother’s Missing. More than one friend will betray her. Good thing this new girl in school has a magic necklace. Allie is your typical, soccer-playing teenager at a new school, until a strange necklace gives her abilities beyond her wildest dreams. When she refuses to let bullies have their way at school, she gains a new friend and new enemies.

This deal started on October 17, 2016

A Coin for Miss Rowena

$3.99   $3.99

A Coin for Miss Rowena by Denise R. Collins ($3.99): On a visit to the old family farm, Kelly and Sam are surprised to find a hidden room containing a Journal from 1840. Not only does the journal tie their family to the Underground Railroad, it recounts a harrowing tale of runaway slaves and slave hunters, and the people who knowingly broke the law to help runaways escape to freedom.

This deal started on September 28, 2016