I Love Trying New Things

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I Love Trying New Things by Elena Paige ($0.99): A beautiful book of rhymes following the fun loving and inspiring characters, Lolli and Liquorice from the Land of Colour, on an adventure through life with their fun rhymes. In Lolli’s Happy Heart Rhymes, Lolli shares what she “loves” reminding kids to be themselves, have fun and that being human is OK.

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Rupert by Kaye C Jones (FREE): “Dream your own dreams, be your own person and image, no matter the extremes.” What do you want to be when you grow up? Rupert is ready to grow up and choose a career, but is shocked to learn that his parents chose for him. He may not know exactly what he wants to do, but he’s positive it doesn’t have anything to do with math! Rupert’s father and mother are shocked to hear his decision. Rupert packs up and goes on his first lone quest to find out what he wants to do with his life.He travels from place to place in search of what makes him happy. Rupert meets many new people, sees many new places, and always lends a helping hand along with way to any those who need it.

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