Shadow Harvest

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Shadow Harvest by Emily Kimelman (FREE): When Sydney Rye's good friend, Merl, goes missing in Shanghai, she and her faithful dog, Blue, rush to the People's Republic to track him down. Following Merl's trail leads Sydney to probe deep, dark corners of corruption where she witnesses atrocities that make her already cold blood freeze. With time running out and powerful forces closing in on her, Sydney is willing to risk everything to save her friend, but will everything be enough?

This deal started on October 23, 2016

True Blue Murder

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True Blue Murder by Elise M. Stone ($0.99): Lilliana Wentworth expects the First Annual African Violet Club Show and Sale at the Rainbow Ranch Retirement Community to be thrilling. The former librarian has developed her first hybrid, a plant with unusual deep blue flowers, and hopes to win a first place ribbon. Maybe even best in show. But her excitement turns to dread when the aggravating Bette Tesselink, her fiercest rival, turns up dead, and she becomes the logical suspect.

This deal started on October 20, 2016

Witch Slapped

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Witch Slapped by Dakota Cassidy ($0.99): Paranormal cozy mystery, featuring a witch named Stevie and her bat familiar, Belfry, who’s lost her powers and moves back to her hometown of Ebenezer Falls, WA. Wherein, she meets a dead British secret agent and they partner to catch killers!

This deal started on October 19, 2016

Defending Jacob

$11.99   $1.99

Defending Jacob by William Landay ($1.99): Andy Barber has been an assistant district attorney for two decades. He is respected. Admired in the courtroom. Happy at home with the loves of his life, his wife, Laurie, and teenage son, Jacob. Then Andy’s quiet suburb is stunned by a shocking crime: a young boy stabbed to death in a leafy park. And an even greater shock: The accused is Andy’s own son—shy, awkward, mysterious Jacob.

This deal started on October 18, 2016

Bad Blood of Rosewood

$3.99   $3.99

Bad Blood of Rosewood by G.M. Barlean ($3.99): Murder shakes the town of Rosewood. A killer is in their midst. Everyone is suspect, even family. Blonde hairs and double lives; Gloria Larson can’t seem to escape the heavy breath of suspicion on the back of her neck. With help from her Thorns, the four elderly women she’s come to love, she tries to move on and adapt to the changes in her life, but she’s a magnet for mayhem. Someone has an axe to grind and even a wedding won’t keep them from holding their peace.

This deal started on October 17, 2016

Between a Ghost and a Spooky Place

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Between a Ghost and a Spooky Place by Nic Saint ($0.99): When Henrietta ‘Harry’ McCabre’s employer is found murdered, she promptly shoots to the top of Inspector Darian Watley’s suspect list. Fortunately, she has an alibi: at the time of the murder she was delivering a rare book for Buckley, the Clavicule Necroire. Soon the whole case revolves around the Necroire, as the mysterious tome allegedly has the power to turn people immortal. And since Harry was the last person to handle the book, she quickly goes from suspect to target, and from being interrogated by Darian to being protected by him.

This deal started on September 28, 2016

Transformed: San Francisco

$2.99   $2.99

Transformed: San Francisco by Suzanne Falter & Jack Harvey ($2.99): Charley McElroy is a transman spy benched for not paying his taxes. Electra is a socialite-turned-dominatrix rebuilding her life after a messy divorce. Together they uncover a Christian extremist out to destroy the ‘hedonists’ of San Francisco. Can they get anyone to listen to them … or are they on their own?

This deal started on September 28, 2016

Crook, Line and Sinker

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Crook, Line and Sinker by Lyndsey Cole ($0.99): Hannah Holiday can’t help herself when a down-and-out guy shows up at The Fishy Dish with his sad-eyed beagle. She offers him a part-time job, even though everyone warns her that he’s a cup short of a disaster. When trouble arrives in the form of a mysterious amount of money, everything heats up. To make matters worse, Hannah, with the help of her hunky friend, Cal, stumbles on a body.

This deal started on September 28, 2016

True-Life Adventure

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True-Life Adventure by Julie Smith ($0.99): He knows too much — but he doesn’t know what he knows… Things were going lousy for ex-reporter Paul Mcdonald: No money, no girlfriend, no bright new career as a mystery novelist … and then along came private investigator Jack Birnbaum with an offer.

This deal started on September 19, 2016