The Perfect Match

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Are you tired of watching others find their match while you sit on the sidelines? Are you afraid you’ll never find the person God has for you? Are you questioning whether past relationship decisions were a mistake?

Don’t give up! You can have clarity about your future!

The pain of wondering if there’s ever going to be a match for you can be unbearable. Frustration and fear can result from not knowing what God is promising you or how to find the person you were made for. Waiting can raise a whole host of questions, fears, and doubts.

Will you be single forever? Does God care? Have you missed the one?

But God doesn’t want to leave you guessing! With practical insight grounded in scripture and painful personal experience, this book will help you discover:

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Category: Religion and Spirituality

You Are the Beloved

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Seven million copies of his books in print! This daily devotional from the bestselling author of such spiritual classics as The Return of the Prodigal Son and The Wounded Healer offers deep spiritual insight into human experience, intimacy, brokeness, and mercy.

Nouwen devoted much of his later ministry to emphasizing the singular concept of our identity as the Beloved of God. In an interview, he said that he believed the central moment in Jesus’s public ministry to be his baptism in the Jordan, when Jesus heard the affirmation, “You are my beloved son on whom my favor rests.” “That is the core experience of Jesus,” Nouwen writes. “He is reminded in a deep, deep way of who he is. . . . I think his whole life is continually claiming that identity in the midst of everything.”

You Are Beloved is a daily devotional intended to empower readers to claim this truth in their own lives. Featuring the best of Nouwen’s writing from previously published works, this devotional will propel the canon forward as it draws on this rich literature in new and compelling ways. It will appeal to readers already familiar with Nouwen’s work as well as new readers looking for a devotional to guide them into a deeper awareness of their identity in Jesus.

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Category: Religion and Spirituality

Coming Home

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Coming Home was written for those seeking to peel back the layers on all they are not, so they may fully come home to who they really are.

In this collaborative work of healing sessions by Akashic Record Practitioners, you will receive an immersive look into the wisdom and healing found in connecting with your soul.

Dive into the exploration of being from another planet, how past-life trauma causes present day drama and discover your team of Spirit Guides that are here to support you through it all.

These pages will reveal the soul truths of:
· Your divinity
· Where you come from
· How it all gets messed up along the way
· Your team of support in finding your way home

Discover the path that leads you back to you; soul discovery sessions in the Akashic Records.

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Category: Religion and Spirituality

Woman Plans, God Laughs

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Debie Monax had her life all planned out. Established in a successful career as a CPA and engaged to a wonderful man, she was confident that she would soon have the family and the career that she desired. But the picture perfect life Debie had planned hit a road block when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and advanced endometriosis.

Juggling an invisible disability and enduring fertility treatments, Debie had to rewrite and redefine her definition of faith, success, a perfect family, and even of herself.

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Category: Religion and Spirituality


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In the cloud-washed airspace between the cornfields of Illinois and blue infinity, a man puts his faith in the propeller of his biplane. For disillusioned writer and itinerant barnstormer Richard Bach, belief is as real as a full tank of gas and sparks firing in the cylinders…until he meets Donald Shimoda–former mechanic and self-described messiah who can make wrenches fly and Richard’s imagination soar….

In Illusions, the unforgettable follow-up to his phenomenal bestseller Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach takes to the air to discover the ageless truths that give our souls wings: that people don’t need airplanes to soar…that even the darkest clouds have meaning once we lift ourselves above them… and that messiahs can be found in the unlikeliest places.

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Category: Religion and Spirituality

Seeds from Heaven

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God sees that much of his creation has withered and died. His last hope is that Earth can be saved and is perhaps all that can be salvaged. He sets upon a plan in which he sends seeds to Earth that are mankind’s hope for survival. He sends an archangel to assist the four seeds, the three generations of the Lancaster family.

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Category: Religion and Spirituality

Grace in the Flames

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John Douglas thought he knew the future God had for him—raise a family and grow old with his bride, Hannah. But then a deadly house fire incinerates his faith, destroying the man he’d been. Worship leader Jenni Dupont conquered her demons years ago and has the scars to prove it. But temptation strikes when her world is shattered, and this time she’s not sure if God can carry her through.

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Category: Religion and Spirituality

Shaman Stone Soup: True-Life Stories That Show Miracles Can Happen to Anyone!

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“Take this journey into the world of the Shaman and the miraculous power of love in the healing process.” This book features 20 inspirational true-life stories from Shaman Elizabeth Herrera’s personal experiences as a spiritual healer for friends, family and clients.

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Category: Religion and Spirituality

Angels in Our Countryside

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A courtroom where souls are judged. A parallel Earth where a woman struggles with her faith. A battle in Hell for the souls of the fallen. A time-traveler at the first Christmas. A quiet talk on the beach between Jesus and Judas Iscariot. These are just a few of the tales featured in Angels in Our Countryside, a collection of twelve stories encompassing fantasy, science fiction, and history, all with a Christian theme.

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Category: Religion and Spirituality

Alabaster, The Stories Behind the Gospel Stories

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Alabaster is a unique collection of short stories that provides a glimpse into the back-stories of some of the most beloved encounters in the New Testament. These fictional back-stories don’t simply retell the Bible passages in a narrative fashion, but develop the characters, explore their motivations, and reveal the mysteries of belief. All the while, John Charles Berry delivers emotional energy, historical context, imaginative insight, and literary texture to the people and passages we’ve grown to love.

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Category: Religion and Spirituality